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Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Control Systems, Inc. has a long history of providing quality service and innovative solutions to meet it's customers needs. We bring projects in on time and within budget. Our highly trained staffed undergoes constant training and education to keep them at the cutting edge of safety and fire protection applications for today's industrial and commercial applications. We service Massachusset and Connecticut (CT).

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems:

Providing versatile fire suppressing we provide Class ABC or Class BC dry chemical to suppress fire. Providing quick response time to minimize fire damage. Our fire Suppression systems are designed to sense fires quickly, sound alarms to warn personnel in the area and to discharge dry chemical on the source of the fire.

Fire Suppression SystemsTheses systems are recommended for:

  • Gas Stations
  • Paint Spray Booths
  • Processes Invovling Flammable Liquids:
  • Quench Tanks
    • Industrial / Automotive Paint Spray Booths
    • Coating Operations
    • Dip Tanks
  • Electrical / Mechanical Rooms
  • Fire Suppression

  • Boiler rooms
    • Switchgear Rooms
    • Generator Rooms
    • Furnace Rooms
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  • Flammable Liquid Storage
    • Paint Mixing Areas
    • Spill Containment Dikes
    • Bulk Storage
  • Specialty Hazards
  • Modular HazMat Storage Facilities
    • Exhaust Ducts
    • Environmental Storage Facilities
    • Machinery Space
Fire Suppression Systems

WET CHEMICAL Fire Supression Systems

24 - Hour Protection for Commercial Cooking Areas

  • Meets U.L. 300
  • Superior Wet Agent
  • Quicker After-Fire Cleanup
  • Most Effective Coverage Areas
  • Precise Fit for Every Application
  • Automatic or Manual Operation

CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) Fire Suppression Systems

The Clean Fire Extinguishant

Automatic Carbon Dioxide Systems utilize fire detectors which sense fire conditions in the hazard area.

These systems use three methods of application

  • Total Flooding
  • Local Application
  • Hand Hose Line Systems

Fire Suppression Massachusset

Micro-Environment Fire Suppression Systems

Designed for simple installation, often very near the source of a potential fire.

  • Direct Release - Low Pressure Systems
  • Indirect Release - Low Pressure Systems
  • High Pressure Systems

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression MA Vehicle fires destroy industrial and transit equipment every year. Implementation of a Vehicle Fire Suppression System can reduce damage, down time and insurance costs.

Clean Agent Systems

  • Ideal for clean environments
  • Replaces Halon Systems
  • Low Ozone Depletion Level

Serving Massachusetts (MA) and Connecticut (CT)

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